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Hello World

22 February 2018

A range of possibility

Photo by Daniel Leone on Unsplash

In 2012 I left Google to join The Obvious Corporation, a small company with the mission of building systems that help people work together to make the world better.

One of the things that attracted me to Obvious was how much Ev and Biz were thinking about the company they wanted to build, not just the product. They were asking why companies got worse as they got bigger: why do people become less engaged, teams become less productive, and bureaucracy ends off feeling like a force of nature? Shouldn’t work be better?

“Why do network effects make internet products better but make internet companies worse?”

As I took over leadership of the engineering team and helped grow the company’s operations, working on how we work became a personal mission of my own.

In every minute of free time, I explored the nature of work and researched how the most progressive companies operate — from Netflix to Bridgewater, Patagonia to Spotify, Disney to Amazon — I started to see patterns and opportunities. Many perennial problems had been solved, but often within the confines of a single organization. Everyone seemed to be reinventing the wheel, and when best-practices did emerge, they seemed overdue.

To paraphrase Gibson, the future [of work] is here — it’s just not evenly distributed.

I realized that instead of solving these organizational challenges for the one company where I worked, there was an opportunity to build software that helps people solve these organizational challenges everywhere.

So, last April I partnered with Jennifer Dennard and Braden Kowitz to start a company — Range Labs Inc. — with the goal of helping people build healthier companies. To range is to explore — to search the world for what’s next. The world is changing and organizations need to adapt and evolve.

Jen’s career choices show she has a passion for helping people enjoy their work — and their lives — more. She’s worked with companies big and small to improve their workplace culture during times of pivoting and intense scaling. We met at Medium, where we collaborated on new people programs, and company wide org design efforts as we changed operating structures. She’s an advocate for a new approach to human resources that focuses more on the person and their needs.

Braden was an early designer at Google and has built products used daily by millions. He co-led design on Gmail for several years, where we worked together on Gmail Chat, pushing against the capabilities of the early web. Then at Google Ventures he advised dozens of startups, teaching them how to listen to customers, scale design teams, and build processes that support innovation. He is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Sprint, and has spoken at design conferences around the world.

At Range, we believe that healthy companies aren’t simply better places to work, but do better work and will ultimately be more successful. We know that software can’t solve all problems, but the fact that so much of our work-life is mediated through software means that there is a huge opportunity to rethink how our tools affect how we work with each other.

Over the last few months I’ve joked that we’re not very good at being a “stealth startup.” We’re too excited about this space to keep our mouths shut.

We nerd out about meetings (not in meetings… about meetings), team structures, and work cadences. We love talking to people about people-centric leadership, learning organizations, and helping friends diagnose organizational issues. We believe in networks, in transparency, in individual empowerment, and in the need to bring more humanity to our work.

And we believe in working in the open and sharing knowledge, so follow this publication as we each share what we’re working on, what we’re excited about, and what we’re learning from folks we’re talking to.

Hello World was originally published in Range Labs on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Two things you can start doing to help build a more diverse team

1 August 2017

Over the last few years, awareness has risen about the problems that arise from a lack of diversity, but many companies are still struggling to make headway or don’t even know where to start.

I don’t have all the answers and I have a lot left to learn. But with the help of an awesome team, I was able to meaningfully affect the demographic make-up of an engineering team as it grew from 30 to 60 people.

What follows are two techniques that I think provide a solid foundation for a more extensive D&I strategy, while also shining a light on other factors that might be inhibiting your progress.

1. Measure what you want to change

In product and engineering we measure everything. We have dashboards for latency, error rates, sign-ups, time on site, etc. etc. If your team is working to increase the number of photos uploaded, you’re sure as hell going to be looking at that metric everyday. If your team is working on production stability, you’re going to be reporting on uptime and error rates. So why do so few teams track diversity metrics?

Build a spreadsheet; make some graphs. Track demographics, tenure, and experience of your team and your candidate pool. As the CEO, functional lead, or hiring manager, you — not recruiting or HR — should own this metric.

The first step in changing or managing any metric is simply to be aware of it.

2. Start at the top of the funnel

If network referrals, inbound​ resumes, and candidates sent by your investors are predominantly white-male, what do you think the composition of your team will be?

Fixing this means actively sourcing outside your immediate network. You can also increase the diversity of inbound candidates by choosing meet-ups, conferences, and communities that are themselves more diverse — though this is a longer-term strategy and has to be approached authentically.

The demographics of your funnel should map to the population you are trying to track. Put another way, if you were trying to increase the number of iOS developers on your team but only 1 in 10 of the people you interviewed knew ObjectiveC or Swift, you’d feel pretty dumb.

I’d suggest trying to match the demographics of the US population, but tracking tech demographics could be a good interim milestone for some companies. This does get harder as you get bigger, but for start-ups hiring a few people a week it should be reasonable.

If your funnel is diverse, but there is no change in team composition, you now know you have a problem with your interview process.

More resources

Too many companies I talk to are trying to start from first principles, expending valuable time and energy on work others have done. We need to learn from each other’s successes and failures if we want to see change on a reasonable timeframe.

Two things you can start doing to help build a more diverse team was originally published in Writing by Dan Pupius on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Thanks Tyler, the rabbit hole goes deep. Here’s a few books that gives a breadth of subject matter:

2 February 2017

Team of Teams — General McChrystal explains how the complexity of the modern world requires a new way of working, using his experiences on…

Change isn’t an event it’s a process

31 January 2017

Reflections on leaving Medium

2016 Highlights

1 January 2017

Leon Trotsky, 1934

24 November 2016

The fascists find their human material mainly in the petty bourgeoisie.

The 2016 Fellows

15 November 2016

When Medium hosted a writing workshop for Code2040, I took portraits of the fellows to accompany their stories. It was so much fun working…


14 November 2016

In his book Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari makes this clearer than I did. He refers to it as intersubjectivity: a shared agreement of meaning…

Not everything is a snake

23 September 2016

Facing fears and avoiding risk blindness

The edges in a network need not be homogenous, and I’d argue it is better if they are not.

29 August 2016

Even though they have historically been arbitrarily homogenous and domineering (gender, race, etc.), hierarchies aren’t inherently bad…

Another good read is GCHQs Boiling Frogs paper.

27 August 2016

In particular it talks about different product development methodologies in the context of a commoditization scale.

You could make similar arguments about electricity or water.

12 June 2016

Components higher and higher up the value-chain get commoditized and become utilities.

We can be better

9 June 2016

I’m male, white, and speak with a British accent. The odds are stacked in my favor. Yet even I have felt that running the gauntlet of…

“Engineering Manager — Infrastructure” in Medium Engineering

22 May 2016

Until recently, most engineers have been deployed to product initiatives, with DevOps and Data Platform being the only permanently staffed…

I saw this for the first time yesterday, and it’s amazing.

18 May 2016

Enjoy 3mins of Bobby McFerrin and the pentatonic scale:

A brave new world

18 May 2016

AI offers multiple choice responses to IMs

Blue Lips

15 May 2016

In the brighter light she looked grey, her lips dark purple, and the skin on her legs was mottled.

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” — Henry David Thoreau

13 May 2016

Ted. This is terrible. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

25 April 2016

It was a pleasure working with you. And that’s not a platitude. I really enjoyed our times at the whiteboard and the moments hunched…

My City

23 April 2016

I answered some questions about San Francisco for The Great Escape blog.

“If Dr House did DevOps” in Medium Engineering

17 March 2016

“Tests take time. Treatment’s quicker.”

EDC Baby Bag

7 March 2016

EDC Baby Bag

As an industry we should come up with a new name for Individual Contributor.

29 February 2016

Management is of course a critical amplifier, but there are many ways to have impact and influence. Today, everyone is part of a network…

The truth, the whole truth, and everything in between

5 February 2016

There are objective truths, scientific facts that are universal: the Earth orbits the sun, the moon causes the tides, plants produce energy…

“Test Infrastructure Engineer” in Medium Engineering

3 February 2016

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to be the anchor member of a team with the mission of improving and extending our test…

“Too much rope” in Medium Engineering

20 January 2016

JavaScript for teams

I like these five definitions of Technical Debt.

17 January 2016

Shortcuts intentionally taken to speed up development work.

Medium is not running a zero-leadership experiment by any means.

13 January 2016

We want to avoid situations where areas of responsibility are unclear.

Thanks for sharing Rick.

4 January 2016

It would be interesting to add some pitfalls you have observed with OKRs. While they might be a superpower, they are not a universal…

2015 Highlights

31 December 2015

Was it crazy to visit europe twice with an infant?

Public Service Announcement for parents using Nest Cams as a baby monitor.

28 December 2015

Cover up the LED (status light) with Gaffer’s Tape.

No wires

15 December 2015

I got an Eye Fi card for my birthday. It acts like a standard memory card, but also sets up a wireless access point. Connecting your phone…

I made your suggested change during some free time that opened up.

8 December 2015

Now, if you could get your team to tweak the caching logic for newer posts, and take a pass at improving the balance between publish date…

It would be interesting to look at the data.

30 October 2015

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is related to the economic cycle coming out of the recession.

Photographing Baby

30 October 2015

There seems to be a baby-boom among my friends and colleagues. So as an avid photographer — and father of an 8 month old — I get a lot of…

The opposite of JavaScript.

28 October 2015

More seriously, the language imposes certain constraints and ways of doing things.

It’s all about the network.

26 October 2015

On quality control and continuous delivery

26 October 2015

There’s been some chatter that Marcin’s post on how a 25 year old font was accidentally resurrected indicates a failure in quality control…

The community are adding support for more languages.

26 October 2015

We helped get the Go support added and Node packaging will hopefully come soon.

“The Stack That Helped Medium Drive 2.6 Millennia of Reading Time” in Medium Engineering

23 October 2015

Originally posted on StackShare

Nights like this

27 September 2015

On nights like this it’d be easy to get frustrated.

What color is an airplane’s evacuation slide?

20 September 2015

As we were taxiing out of San Diego Airport our pilot pointed out this American Airlines plane that had had an unfortunate accident.

I love cameras.

28 August 2015

They are inanimate. They have no memory. But they have seen history.

“The time we took the interns to Pirate’s Cove” in Medium Engineering

19 August 2015

This summer it’s been our pleasure to host three of the amazing fellows from Code2040's class of 2015.

I Call This Look…

23 July 2015

Garth, the Palo Alto sys admin with dreams of the desert

Coding for Obsolescence

30 June 2015

Avoiding that painful rewrite by planning for it

“On Names” in Inside Medium

25 June 2015

Renaming our on-call and release team.


17 June 2015

Build the future Medium with us.

What if the performance and productivity improvements from rewriting your app from java→go, ruby…

14 June 2015

→node, or node→java, had nothing to do with the language, but was instead a product of coherent design versus evolutionary development?

While I admit to taking perverse pleasure stretching the limits of the web platform, and having…

24 May 2015

Many of the innovations we’ve seen over the last decade-and-a-half have happened despite the advances in the web platform, not because of…

Blue Line

23 May 2015

Blue line, blue line; Let me see, Look at that, you’ve done a pee.

Sheffield to San Francisco

19 May 2015

This was a surprisingly difficult exercise. While I spent 3 years in Manchester, I feel that my 6 months in Honduras and the many weekends…

Happy Mother’s Day

10 May 2015

Happy First Mother's Day +Tessa MacDuff Pupius​; still smiling, even when covered in puke and a manic baby is swinging from your hair.

Via Google+

Mazzy Star — Into Dust

27 April 2015

Lessons from my Grandma

21 April 2015

Peggy Rees, 1 April 1923–12 March 2001

Lyra’s First Flight

19 April 2015

“The 3rd Medium Engineering Summit” in Medium Engineering

13 April 2015

Twice a year the Medium engineering team gets together for an all-day summit.

The value of American Express Reward Points

28 March 2015

Turns out an AirBnB voucher is the best deal, followed by an Uber ride.

The promise of the web

26 March 2015

Si Dieu n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.

The meaning of communication is in the response you get

8 March 2015

I’m sad, but not completely surprised, to hear what my teammate Kelly went through while working on Google+.

Books for new dads

5 March 2015

I’m only a few weeks into this whole fatherhood thing, but here are a few books I’ve found helpful so far.

12 days ago we named our daughter Lyra.

24 February 2015

Both of us are programmers with OCD tendencies for naming. And even though Lyra was one of the first names we came up, we built a…

How Medium is building a new kind of company with a new kind of manager

14 February 2015

Some thing was wrong on the internet.


5 February 2015

In a holding pattern.

This was 11 days ago

4 February 2015


Via Google+

“Wait, Don’t Touch That!” in Medium Engineering

16 January 2015

Mutual Exclusion Locks & JavaScript

2014 Highlights

1 January 2015

An attempt to prove I have a life outside of work

Photo Album: Mamiya 645 Pro TL

22 December 2014

Test shots from a Mamiya 645 Pro TL I picked up on ebay. The film is FujiFilm Pro 400H 120. Scans are raw from the photo shop. From the sea shots it looks like the film cartridge may be slightly out of alignment. In camera double exposure is fun though.

Via Google+

On Building With Node.js At Medium and Growing As A Developer

11 December 2014

I did an interview with the folks at Talent Buddy.

Via Google+

“Engineering Values” in Medium Engineering

14 November 2014

A letter to the Medium Engineering team.

“Getting a running start” in Inside Medium

3 November 2014

A quick tip to help kickstart your work day

“Quality Lead” in Work at Medium

31 October 2014

We’re looking for someone to own quality and hold us to the high standards we aspire to.

“Revert Paths” in Medium Engineering

20 October 2014

Safely moving forward, by exposing an exit route.

“Interview Day Etiquette” in Inside Medium

17 October 2014

Some guidelines to make our interview days work better

That thin pink line

11 September 2014

Life, the known, and the unknown

Audio Experiment

5 September 2014

What if Medium had sound effects?

Photo Album: Eastern Sierras

26 August 2014

Last weekend seven of us ventured into the Ansel Adam's Wilderness Area.  It was a long drive for one night, but well worth it.  We did a quick 5 mile hike around the Devil's Postpiles on Saturday evening, then rose at 4:30am to prepare for an 11 hour, 17 mile hike up to Minaret Lake, then back round to Agnew Meadows via Ice Berg Lake (http://ift.tt/1vlbb7y). There was some excitement during the 1 mile transition between marked trails at the furthest extent of our trip, but we all survived.

Highly recommended.

Via Google+

Adam Savage’s Rules for Success

20 August 2014

I watched this video on my flight back from Seattle last Sunday.

Getting a running start

19 August 2014

Why does it take so long to get into the flow some mornings?

“Apache and PHP on Docker” in Dev Tricks

4 August 2014

Consolidated instructions for getting Apache and PHP running within a Docker container.

Link: MadLib(tm) Feedback

8 July 2014

This is how we do peer and manager feedback at Medium.

As a reviewer, it is still challenging, but less so than open ended text areas.  The structure provides more guidance and gives you an easy out: sometimes a blank can be as simple as a noun phrase, or it can be multiple sentences.

For the reviewee the synthesized, aggregated result somehow feels — perhaps unintuitively — less sanitized and more honest. It's nuanced and actionable. You can look at it and ask "how do I want to be seen next time?"

Via Google+

Video: June 2014 – 1 second a day

8 July 2014


Via Google+

Video: May 2014 – 1 second a day

15 June 2014

One second per day for May (only half a month late)

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Photo Album: Switzerland

15 June 2014

Photos from our trip to Switzerland (and Liechtenstein).  Basically a stream of landscape shots punctuated by +Tessa MacDuff Pupius doing silly things.

Via Google+

Video: Damon Albarn – Lonely Press Play (Official Video)

10 May 2014

So good.

Via Google+

Mount a remote filesystem with SSHFS

28 April 2014

Say you have a computer at home that you use as a file store, or maybe a VPS for web hosting and are tired of transferring the files across…

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This is just a test

15 April 2014

Nothing to see here except some baby goats.

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Developer Archetypes

30 March 2014

While I may have more sympathy for tech recruiters than many in Silicon Valley — I fondly remember the emails that resulted in my move to…

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Software Engineer Traits

21 March 2014

A while ago Ev challenged me to consider what makes a good engineer.

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App Launch Photos

20 March 2014

Checklists on the whiteboard mean something exciting is afoot.

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8 March 2014

The printer groans out the 20th sheet of paper. The roll spooling on to the floor, amid books and lego spaceships.

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New space

28 February 2014

http://ift.tt/1bTHySS out at Meena’s Super bowl at @thebird’s New office space SFFD Ambulances Night New caf…

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Just a web page?

28 February 2014

When people imagine working at Medium, they may think of our accomplished founder or our sweet offices.

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Race Results

23 February 2014

I realized this weekend that I wasn’t keeping track of my race results, so I decided to dig them up.

The exercise made me realize that there are a whole slew of life events that would be nice to log, as a memory aid, but I have yet to find a product that makes it easy. Facebook Timeline is close to being that product, and I tried to use it for a while. But it’s too much of a black-hole and I kept forgetting to keep it up to date.

What I want is something that sucks in Foursquare, TripIt, Strava, and Google Calendar; does some smart filtering and aggregation; and provides a super easy mechanism for annotating events. Then allows for nice visualizations and filtering of past events.

Photo Album: Harley Farm

15 February 2014


Via Google+

New Year

1 February 2014

New Year in the Sahara Visiting Ait Ben Haddou Fishing port at Essaouira Palais bahia, Marrakesh Back to England Go Karts for Jon’s…

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Reverse port forwarding

31 January 2014

It’s often the case that you have a local development server that you wish you could access over the interwebs.

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Photo Album: Essaouira

26 January 2014

After our road trip around southern Morocco, we spent a day by the port town of Essaouira. It was much more chilled — and less polluted — than Marrakesh.

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Photo Album: Morocco’s Southern Oases

24 January 2014

Photos from our 4-day road trip in Morocco.  From Marrakesh we headed over the Atlas Mountains into Saharan Morocco, sometimes called the Southern Oases, near the border with Algeria.  The terrain was incredibly varied—rock ranged from red, to black, to green—towns nestled on the side of steep slopes, overlooking the fertile valley bottoms.

(Lots of photos here.  When I'm done I'll create a highlight real.)

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Photo Album: Marrakesh

24 January 2014

Lots of photo coming from our trip to Morocco. Here's the first batch from Marrakesh.

Via Google+