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Another Year

12 December 2010

It’s a bit late to do a 30-before-30, but I still like the idea of setting some resolutions for the coming year.  So here goes:

· Survive March’s 5-day heli-skiing trip to Alaska.  (80,000ft of vertical!)
· Do another half-marathon.
· Get a sub 2:20 time on the Olympic course at Wildflower (1.5km, 40km, 10km).
· Finish the Silicon Valley Long Course Triathlon (1-miles, 56-miles, 9-miles).
· Renew sky diving certs and do at least 15 jumps.
· Go on holiday somewhere warm… with beaches and scuba diving.

2 Responses

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  2. […] today–in accordance with my yearly resolutions–I entered the Silicon Valley Long Course […]