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Happy Mother’s Day

10 May 2015

Happy First Mother's Day +Tessa MacDuff Pupius​; still smiling, even when covered in puke and a manic baby is swinging from your hair.

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This was 11 days ago

4 February 2015


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Photo Album: Mamiya 645 Pro TL

22 December 2014

Test shots from a Mamiya 645 Pro TL I picked up on ebay. The film is FujiFilm Pro 400H 120. Scans are raw from the photo shop. From the sea shots it looks like the film cartridge may be slightly out of alignment. In camera double exposure is fun though.

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On Building With Node.js At Medium and Growing As A Developer

11 December 2014

I did an interview with the folks at Talent Buddy.

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Photo Album: Eastern Sierras

26 August 2014

Last weekend seven of us ventured into the Ansel Adam's Wilderness Area.  It was a long drive for one night, but well worth it.  We did a quick 5 mile hike around the Devil's Postpiles on Saturday evening, then rose at 4:30am to prepare for an 11 hour, 17 mile hike up to Minaret Lake, then back round to Agnew Meadows via Ice Berg Lake (http://ift.tt/1vlbb7y). There was some excitement during the 1 mile transition between marked trails at the furthest extent of our trip, but we all survived.

Highly recommended.

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Video: May 2014 – 1 second a day

15 June 2014

One second per day for May (only half a month late)

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Photo Album: Switzerland

15 June 2014

Photos from our trip to Switzerland (and Liechtenstein).  Basically a stream of landscape shots punctuated by +Tessa MacDuff Pupius doing silly things.

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Video: Damon Albarn – Lonely Press Play (Official Video)

10 May 2014

So good.

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Photo Album: Harley Farm

15 February 2014


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Photo Album: Essaouira

26 January 2014

After our road trip around southern Morocco, we spent a day by the port town of Essaouira. It was much more chilled — and less polluted — than Marrakesh.

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Photo Album: Morocco’s Southern Oases

24 January 2014

Photos from our 4-day road trip in Morocco.  From Marrakesh we headed over the Atlas Mountains into Saharan Morocco, sometimes called the Southern Oases, near the border with Algeria.  The terrain was incredibly varied—rock ranged from red, to black, to green—towns nestled on the side of steep slopes, overlooking the fertile valley bottoms.

(Lots of photos here.  When I'm done I'll create a highlight real.)

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Photo Album: Marrakesh

24 January 2014

Lots of photo coming from our trip to Morocco. Here's the first batch from Marrakesh.

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Raspberry Pi

12 January 2014

Setting up my Christmas present (a raspberry pi).

Not sure what to do with it yet.

Top idea at the moment is a smart picture frame that pulls my latest photos from G+.

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Photo Album: Erg Chebbi (Sahara)

6 January 2014

We spent New Year's eve in the desert. A 2 hour camel ride into the dunes., not the most comfortable form of transport.

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Photo Album: Marrakesh

5 January 2014

Lots of photo coming from our trip to Morocco. Here's the first batch from Marrakesh.

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Link: Why You’re Not Photogenic

17 October 2013

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Don’t drink crap coffee

14 September 2013

Don't drink crap coffee.


I remember excitedly seeing the flash of a civet disappearing into the dark jungle. They were one of the animals that everyone hoped to see.

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Photo Album: 402 Mt. Diablo

25 July 2013

Playing hooky with the 402 team on a trip up Mt Diablo.  (Hard core hiking crew)

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Photo Album: Trinity Alps

11 July 2013

3 days; 32 miles; 50lbs; 15,000 feet.

This 4th July we went backpacking in the Trinity Alps.  The trailhead was 14 miles up a dirt fire road, which in turn was 40-miles from Weaverville, which is 260 miles from SF.  So pretty remote.

We hit the trail late in the day, after driving from SF, avoiding much of the crazy CA heat wave, even so it was in the high 80s when we began.  The first day was a lot of climbing to get up to Foster Lake, but well worth it.  We passed one group of day hikers, but otherwise had the whole valley to ourselves.

The second day started with a 1500ft decent in 1.5-miles.  The meadows at the bottom were amazingly idyllic and we slowly worked our way up the valley, resting in the shade of trees and drinking from mountain streams.  Unfortunately Ada had cut her paws up on the decent, so we ended off having to carry her a lot of the way (she's fine now).

After we left the valley it was a long, slow, steep slog.  Several sections on the map seemed to go on forever, so when we missed the turn to our evening camp we didn't notice for a few miles.  In some ways it was lucky because we ended off close to a fireroad.  We struck camp and planned to leave a cache of gear that we'd come back for.

On the final day we hit the trail at sunrise, back tracked, and with some effort, found the right trail (this area is lightly trodden and the trail disappears sometimes for hundreds of feet at a time).  Tessa only had Ada in her backpack and mine was a lot lighter, so we made good progress.  Still it was hot, steep, and very strenuous.

Finally, we made it back to the car, drove back down the fireroad, and eventually found the other fireroad that led to our cache.  It turned out to be another 2-miles and 1700 vertical feet from a gate on the fireroad, so I ended off run/walking to grab the gear in 90+ temperatures.

Glad we had the GPS to track it, otherwise we'd probably have never found it. 

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Photo Album: Monterey

7 July 2013

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Photo Album: Ball-Park to Sausalito

13 June 2013

A half-marathon dog-walk from AT&T Park to the Sausalito Ferry, experiencing a few of SF's many microclimates. 

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Photo Album: May 2013

13 June 2013

Backlog photos from London Heathrow.

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Link: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

5 June 2013

PSA.  50 percent of child drownings occur within 25 yards of a parent or other adult. In 10 percent of those drownings, the adult will actually watch the child do it, having no idea it is happening.

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Video: Great Blue Hole

13 March 2013

Video from our Great Blue Hole dive in Belize.  Hastily edited, so don't expect anything amazing, but kind of gives some impression of what it was like.

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Photo: Playing with LEDs

9 March 2013

Last day on Ambergris Caye.  There's not much to do here in the evening; so we abated boredom with a night walk, long exposures of the stars, and some messing around with a red LED.

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Photo: Morning calm

8 March 2013

Feeling a bit fizzy after a 3-tank day with the Amigos del Mar in their 56ft dive boat.  We did a deep dive at The Great Blue Hole, then two other dives including one at Half-Moon Caye where we were swarmed by Reef Sharks; probably the best dives I've done.

The boat also lost a prop on the way back, but that's another story; "¡No hay propella!"

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Photo: White Sands Dive Shop

7 March 2013

White Sands dive shop, Ambergris Caye, Belize

We did two days diving with White Sands, they're a good crew. I was shooting video with my contour but it didn't save. Had a bunch of good footage including moray eels and nurse sharks.  :(  Reformatted the card so tomorrows dive at The Blue Hole should hopefully yield something.

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Photo: Windy

7 March 2013

Windy evening on Ambergris Caye.

PS. Thank you G+ Photos Team for fixing the album page, it's so much smoother now.

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Photo: Palapa Water Bar

6 March 2013

Palapa Water Bar, Ambergris Caye, Belize

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Photo: Taking photos of pigeons

7 February 2013

Taking photos of pigeons, with a range finder at f/1.4, is hard.

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Link: Medium Redesign

6 February 2013

We released a pretty big design change to medium.com today. IMO the team did an amazing job making the site look great on a range of screen sizes. Here's my new profile page. Lots more in the pipeline too.

As luck would have it, we ended off pushed under peak load after a couple of articles about the Megan Phelps went viral.  Pretty baller.

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Photo: Cute sketch of Ada

21 January 2013

Cute sketch of Ada that Rosie quickly drew at brunch.

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Photo Album: January 2013

15 January 2013

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Photo Album: England, Winter 2012

31 December 2012

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Photo Album: Zion Trip – Neon Boneyard

15 December 2012

Officially this place has rebranded as the Neon Museum (www.neonmuseum.org) but its still a graveyard for the gaudy remnants of old Las Vegas.

If you're ever in Vegas, I definitely recommend visiting as an off strip activity. 

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Photo Album: Zion Trip – Zion National Park

14 December 2012

Penultimate album from our Zion trip, these shots are from the actual park.

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Photo Album: Zion Trip – The Narrows

13 December 2012

Photos from The Narrows hike we did in Zion. They didn't come out very well, but should hopefully give you an impression of what its like.  Definitely recommend renting the gear and doing it, if you're ever in Zion.

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Photo Album: Zion Trip – Canyoneering

8 December 2012

More photos from the Zion backlog, these are from our canyoneering adventure. Two rappels and a lot of clambering.  Lots of fun, I wonder if there are places to do this in near the Bay Area.

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Photo Album: Zion Trip – Valley of Fire

4 December 2012

It's been a month since our Zion trip and I'm only now managing to go through the photos (My main PC died, which resulted in a slow recovery using CrashPlan and then editing on a MacBook Air is kinda slow going).

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Video: Playing at the parkour gym

21 November 2012

We're visiting Seattle and +Toby Latin-Stoermer invited us to join him at his parkour gym (parkourvisions.org). We did a beginner class then messed around for an hour during open session. It was the most fun I've had in ages, though I'm already starting to stiffen-up and hurt; I always push myself a bit too hard. We need to figure out how to get one of these in SF.


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Link: Open Notes

19 November 2012

A case for allowing patients access to their doctor's notes.

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