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My City

23 April 2016

I answered some questions about San Francisco for The Great Escape blog.

Coke got kinda douchey

1 August 2014

Karl comes to play

30 July 2014

The problem with health care

27 July 2014


26 July 2014


26 July 2014

Greylock Hackfest

20 July 2014


19 July 2014


16 July 2014


15 July 2014

Tess likes Go…

15 July 2014


12 July 2014

Video: June 2014 – 1 second a day

8 July 2014


Via Google+

Bring Your Own Big Wheel

13 April 2009

This weekend was the 9th annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel event on Vermont Street here in San Francisco.  I’ve never been before, but by all accounts this year was much bigger than the previous years.

I felt a little jealous just watching from the sidelines, but at least I managed to get a few photos.  Maybe next year :)

Patent granted

15 September 2008

When I started at Google I joined the team working on Gmail Chat. The whole team — eng, pm, design, marketing — squatted in a conference room. It was a fun environment that often led to vibrant and animated discussions, thrashing out crazy ideas for things we should implement. Some things (like the cowbell +/’) made it in, many others didn’t. One idea that we decided was pretty bad just got granted a patent: musical emoticons.

So, its cool that I got my first patent, even if it is a moderately embarrassing one :)


Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not

4 March 2006

I’ve been listening to the Arctic Monkeys quite a bit recently. There’s one song I particularly like, it goes:

He talks of San Francisco, he’s from Hunter’s Bar

I don’t quite know the distance

But I’m sure that’s far

I’m sure that’s pretty far

I know what they say about simple pleasures, but it amuses me because I’m living in San Francisco, and… I went to Hunter’s Bar Middle School… hmm… ok… nevermind…


14 October 2004

You have to check out the two south-park-esque animations about Kerry and Bush over at www.jibjab.com.


I’ve been told they were shown on prime time TV after last night’s debate. November 2nd should prove interesting…

What’s your ecological footprint?

1 October 2004

Take the ecological footprint quiz and see how sustainable your current lifestyle is. I am embarassed to say that my footprint is currently 6, this is bumped-up by my international travel and regular consumption of meat, eggs and dairy. At the end of the quiz there are a number of links to information on how you can take action. Sustainability — in all it’s forms — is a serious issue at the moment, and in Honduras over the summer it was a hot topic for discussion. It’s definitely worth seeing how a little extra effort can make a considerable difference. I’m sold!

(anyone notice the irony of posting this with a picture of “big boy” on the same page?)

Speeding Rhino

17 September 2004

Micha?l van Ouwerkerk, the co-founder of our extinct project Thirteenth Parallel, has set up a sweet looking portfolio site that he’s calling Speeding Rhino.

Design your own snowboard

17 June 2004

This is a wicked idea! BoardDesigner.com allows you to design your own snowboard. I have no idea how good the boards actually are and the designs in the gallery aren’t all that impressive, but even so how cool would it be to ride a board with your own design on?!